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The Obligatory "Reaction to Doctor Who" Reaction Post


Whenever there’s a Moffat-scripted episode of Doctor Who about to be screened, I prepare myself for two things. The first is a bloody good episode and the second is a boatload of criticism on social justice grounds. I’m not going to spend long in this post dwelling on where I think the most of…

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Deep Breath Review- Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1


The new theme:

The T-rex in London

The t-rex coughing up the TARDIS:

Vastra, Jenny and Strax meeting Twelve:


Clara’s attitude:

Clara’s rant:

The Dinosaur combusting:

The right question:

Clockwork droids killing people for spare parts?…

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"Those people down there, they’re never small to me. Don’t make assumptions about how far I will go to protect them because I’ve already come a very long way and unlike you I do not expect to reach The Promise Land."

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the doctor: clara I’m not your boyfriend

clara: I never thought you were

the doctor: I never said it was your mistake



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Take A Deep Break You Fucking Fucks: A Summary

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going to a new restaurant and being like


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They never sent you in here without a word.

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